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Visual inferences

on May 5, 2013

As part of our Daily 5 activities for the week, with a partner:

look at the following image:

Mom remotely grocery shopping through Dad via cell phone

What do you think this man will be eating for breakfast tomorrow morning?
What makes you think so?
Who is he talking to on the phone?
What are they talking about?

Write about your inferences. But remember…..always use evidence to support your responses!

15 Responses to “Visual inferences”

  1. funkymonkey2003 says:

    hey i think he might be on the phone to his wife asking what cereal to buy?????
    what do you think

  2. vj3168 says:

    i think the same

  3. dancingmonkey6 says:

    very funny thats what i thought!

  4. kenny22 says:

    Girls are sooo better at shopping than boys

  5. dogdesier says:

    This was sooo hard NOT!!!’

  6. angustheawesome says:

    the girls are better at shopping because all they are good at is being a slave to boys

  7. dancingmonkey6 says:

    very funny tropicalteal!!!!

    • tropicalteal says:

      I thought so too. But really, boys must be born withit. Or maybe i’ts just all their practise & training we’ve been giving them!

      LOL :D

  8. tropicalteal says:

    I think he is going to have milk and cerial for breakfast tomorrow because he is buying both those things and that is the standard breakfast, i think he is talking to his 8 year old daughter because as kenny said girls are better at shopping than boys, and i think that the daughter is telling him to get twenty packets of marshmallows and thirty of biscuts!

  9. mnm says:

    Girls are soooooooooooooooooooooo much better at shopping then boys because boys just stand there on the phone not knowing what to do :D ! ha ha! :D

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